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Sazahu Herbals

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. Being an Indian brand, represents pure solidity and quality assurance.

We occupy a unique market position as no other brand offers a specialty line.

Includes 100% herbal and natural products that are biodegradable with pure healing properties from high quality herbs, with each product being crafted and tested manually by women working in our NGO, offering consistency and assurance in every single product.

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  • Sazahu Herbals’ prime motive is to provide quality product that contribute towards both the consumer needs and the global betterment.

The Founder Speaks

Since several centuries,

India has been working on the medicinal properties of herbs and plants. We are legendry to give true Ayurveda. As per the first hand experience from grandmother and mother, everyone has been using herbs.  She always found healing through herbs and yoga the perfect combination that left no side effects.

Instant Glow | Hair Gain | best hair products | Sazahu Herbals | Buy online hair serum | hair packs | Under eye serum | Collagen Boost

In the line of Skin and Hair care,

when no other solutions worked she decided to search for herbal remedies. Using herbs directly is messy in modern bathrooms. However, in the market, there is no product to match the needs and that is what compelled us to embark upon this journey to bring to everyone, a natural, safe and effective treatment for common Skin and hair problems leading to baldness and other skin issues. Ailments that have gripped almost all of our lives due to the increasing levels of stress, pollution and pressure we face at every moment of life.

Wondrous power of herbs is not an alien knowledge. Using herbs directly is not comfortable. If we want to wash our head or body with herbs it creates mess in modern bathrooms. So we compromise on using 20% of herbs, instead of 100% herbs (only herbs and nothing else). We are here to change the mindset from synthetic herbals to pure herbals. Most importantly giving instant results without synthetic medium because we found synthetic medium kills the life of herbs, changing from active/live ingredients to dead. Using herbs as preservative to enhance the shelf life most importantly efficacy. Beside natural we do not belive anything else.

Instant Glow | Hair Gain | best hair  products | lasting results