About the Products

I am using the under-mentioned products provided to me by Dr. Sandhya Singh for the last 3 weeks. Initially I wasn’t sure how I would like these products but surprisingly enough I have developed a taste bud for these. Dr. Sandhya has provided every information regarding the products such as the ingredients, potential benefits, safety, way of consumption etc. I was tempted to start this healthy eating in midst of hurrying and scurrying from home management to office management.

Herbal Tea

It is easy to consume – at any time and in any manner(Hot or cold, whichever suits you). I have consumed the herbal tea in morning and evening time sitting in office. Although one or two mixes are bitter, but the others were quiet tasty.


All the products are of high quality, freshly made with authentic herb materials.


All the products are safe and effective. I have started feeling less lethargic and less sleepy, especially after lunch. My neck stiffness has somewhat eased thereby improving my physical activity and stature. Even I have lost some extra flabs.